E-learning is a way forward!


The pandemic caused kick in the guts of Ukrainian education. Totally unprepared materials and teachers, relaxed children and excited parents met online learning… Today, e-learning has become commonplace, but there is still controversy over whether it can replace offline. I firmly believe that it can!

Recently, my neighbor complained that her daughter was getting tired of distance learning. “She sits in her laptop all day! Teachers ask a lot of homework!” yelled the women. This would be true if I did not know that most of the “learning” girl spends on social networks…Therefore, it is not necessary to complain of fatigue from distance learning when you actively communicate on Instagram during lesson…

It should also be considered that distance learning before quarantine was practiced in Europe. More and more people are talking about e-learning, e-business as the future. Yes, when I was studying, we read paper dictionaries and wrote them down from cheat sheets. Now, thanks to the Internet, information is easy to find and study.

I often hear skeptical thoughts, “Distance workers come from distance workers. Would you go to a doctor who studied online?” As for doctors, it is a separate topic, but most professions can be mastered remotely. For example, I am studying to be an editor, and the quality of my knowledge has not deteriorated at all due to quarantine. I manage to combine basic training, self-development, and work. Of course, to a reasonable extent…

In the 21st year of the 21st century, one should stop being afraid of the new reality. It’s time to call e-learning the future of education…

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