Eat Local and Get 100 Points Total

There isn’t only one meaning of the term “local food.” Someone is convinced that it is a product planted no more than 160 kilometers from the place of residence, others — that food was made in your region. But for the last year, the trend for local ingredients become more and more in favor. Now I will explain to you whу the local food, I mean Ukrainian, is both contemporary and healthy.

Local food is tastier and healthier.

Small regional manufacturers and farmers collect their harvest in a period of  ripeness and immediately send products to shops and markets. The amount of production isn`t huge, but the food is always fresh. This food has more concentrated nutritional elements and tasty as well. The raw ingredients for cooking are completely controlled by the manufacturer. The shelf life of farm products is usually shorter than that of a mass producer. Local food is natural and has fewer preservatives.

You promote the local economy

The money spent on local products remains within your community and it is, probably, reinvested for the needs of residents. In addition, most imported goods have alternatives to Ukrainian production.

When you buy products made within your region or region, you support the development of the entire country.

You become a member of the Slow Food team.

‘Slow Food’ is an international non-governmental organization that emerged in 1989 to counter the disappearance of local food traditions, the fast-paced lifestyle, and the decline in the interest in traditional food (the antipode to fast food). ‘Slow Food’ protects a world where all people have access to quality food and enjoy food that is beneficial to them and producers and is safe to the planet.

You personally know the manufacturers who make your favorite products.

Local food creates communities and connections between people. Ukranian farmers, artisans, and craftsmen are a relatively small group of people who know each other. They are open to meetings and ready to spend hours talking about their recipes, farms and thoroughbred goats, cows, and horses. Another trend in the gastronomy market is a person to person.  Buying products is not only a financial process but also communication. You see firsthand who made the products that are in your shopping cart.

So, while thinking global, be local, eat local, and support local.

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