‘Eat to live’ or ‘live to eat’

(Bon appetite article)

Instinctively, most people will automatically answer, “Of course, we eat to live.” It is obvious that their thoughts are completely focused on the biological process of their body needing food and nutrients to survive. But let’s delve into this controversial topic deeper.

From my point of view, ‘eat to live’ means that you only eat to fuel your body and get through the day, food intake is not a source of pleasure and is only to resolve the feeling of hunger. ‘Live to eat’ means that eating is at the center of your life and your everyday activities revolve around food.

To be honest, in modern realities we are greatly influenced by advertising. Let me explain, unfortunately, we currently live in a very exposed to external influence society where food is pushed on us through billboards, TV ads, SMS messaging, social media, magazine ads, etc… Because of this we often buy unnecessary discount products and all these marketing techniques induce us to buy snacks we don’t really need. Adding points, we eat because everyone eats. Also, as soon as we get home, we start feeling these obsessive signals of hunger. Another key to mention is that stress or depression can cause the feeling of hunger and sometimes we don’t want to throw food leftovers away. Do you remember this joke about a fat woman complaining to a doctor that she is fat because she eats up the leftovers after her husband and children? Being recommended bying a pig, she refuses saying that she is not going to eat up after this pig too… Of course, we can continue our refelctions upon this topic. However, alas…

To sum up, I personally think that the best answer should neither ‘eat to live’ nor ‘live to eat’ because the attitude ‘I live to eat’ is not wholesome and if you ‘eat to live’ you restrict yourself in enjoying. We should have a constant balance between these two extremes. Only in this way we will perfectly feel about food. Enjoy your meal and bon appetite!

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