Eight Reasons to Sing More

If You Want to Live Longer – Sing!

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“Music is the medicine for the mind” – John A. Logan

Everyone who loves to sing, and to sing along, feels the positive impact of singing on his or her mood and well-being.  It’s no secret that singing reduces stress, improves mood, adds optimism and joy.  But there are many other physical, emotional, social and psychological benefits of singing that you probably never thought of.  Today I will share them with you and say that it is tested on my own feelings.

  1. Singing promotes the release of endorphins and oxytocins.  Endorphins are hormones that increase feelings of euphoria and pleasure.  And oxytocins are also known as “hug hormones” because they are produced in the brain by physical contact.  Oxytocins reduce tension and reduce anxiety.  Both of these hormones can not only improve your overall well-being, but also alleviate any pain.Singing can relieve pain
  1. Singing improves mental capacity Several contemporary studies conclude that singers and musicians usually have higher IQ than non-musical people. Singing has been found to improve overall brain function and make your head clearer.
  2. Singing increases life expectancy. Yeah! If you want to live longer, don`t forget to sing while taking a shower! A study by Harvard University in Connecticut found that choral singing promotes brain and heart health, which in turn leads to a significant increase in life expectancy.
  3. Singing decreases stress. As singing is able to lower blood pressure, lower cortisol levels and relieve tension and anxiety, it will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your nervous system as a whole. Singing helps to increase resistance to stress and is noticeably soothing in the most stressful situations.
  4. Cleaning the airways

Singing naturally cleans the airways.  Nose and throat disorders for singers are not terrible: the likelihood of lying down with sinusitis decreases if you like to sing.

  1. Muscle training

Not only the muscles of the press and intercostal muscles, but also the facial muscles are active during singing.  As a result, blood circulation improves, and as a consequence – the complexion.  This process, by the way, replaces cosmetic massage.

  1. Strengthening of immunity

Singing is breathing in a biologically useful rhythm.  Regular vocal exercises protect the upper respiratory tract against infection and stimulate the production of antibodies by the immune system.

  1. Singing lowers blood pressure In several recent studies, it has been found that singing is able to lower blood pressure due to its calming and relaxing effect. In one of the cases considered, the patients of the clinic could calm themselves and lower their blood pressure while singing.

 “Music is the Mediator between the Spiritual and the Sensual Life of Man”  — Ludwig van Beethoven.

Vocal training improves mood, tones the body, improves appearance, helps to solve many health problems.  A person who is not ashamed to sing and contact, it is easier for him to establish his personal life, to achieve social and professional realization.

Scientists have already proved that daily ordinary “singing from the bottom of your heart” for 15-20 minutes have a healing effect on humans.  So sing and sing along!  And no matter what, either you have a voice or not, sing for your friends, sing for your health!

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