Even the Alpaca Got a Job!

October 6, 2020. Chinese video production startup in Wuxi ‘hired’ the alpaca.

Actually, he’s a cross between a male llama and female alpaca. His name is Tuo Baiwan. The alpaca is responsible for entertaining office workers. Usually, he takes a walk around an office to find food. Employees with the greatest pleasure treat and caress him. But sometimes Baiwan is in no mood to communicate with office workers. Then he prefers walking at campus or rolling on grass.

The manager of Chinese video production startup, Gao Tong, said, “Baiwan brings us a lot of joy and cures us every day. Even though he’s sometimes a naughty boy, he’s around two years old, but we all love him so much.” Also, she noticed that many online fans are very curious what it’s like to keep an alpaca. Especially, as an office pet.

Office workers like to shoot short video about daily life of their furry pal.

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