Everywhere you should feel good, comfortable and cozy


Running in the morning is a cool habit that will make you not only feel better but also stronger and more endurable. But how hard it is to get up in the morning! I really do not like to get up early. I am an owl. My time is night. Only at night, I can feel a surge of strength and energy. But, I’m very scared to go running at night! Darkness and pits are not visible.

Also, I’m not hardy. I have never managed to run three kilometers at a time. I demand rest and water every 10 minutes because this is my body.

I get tired quickly, though I’m used to sticking to my rhythm. Everywhere, in life, in school, in sports and so on. I love to start running slowly, and then pick up speed. It is vital for me. I feel as my body adapts and tells me that I can increase speed or pace, as you like it. It is important for me to drink while running, I can’t live without water. But many coaches and doctors say that this is bad! What should I do? Listen to my body or doctors?

Also about studying. If I compare running and studying, my behavior in these areas has no difference. I should enjoy all that I do. Surely, I will be inspired by new achievements, by new horizons, by new challenges, but first of all, I do my best to enjoy the PROCESS.

For learning, the incentive is important, the same as in sports. Agree that study and sport are very similar. Everywhere efforts are needed to achieve something – and this is absolutely normal.

It doesn’t matter what others say about your speed, strength or academic performance – it’s absolutely not important! What matters is how you feel in the process. Are you okay? Do you like what you do? Are you comfortable? Five years after, will you regret what you are doing now or not?

The main thing is how you feel. Your own estimate. It doesn’t matter whether it is studying or running. Everywhere you should feel good, comfortable and cozy.

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