COVID-19 has been the object of manipulation and lies spreading widely on the Internet. When we stay at home, there is more time to surf the social networks and read the news on the websites. And there you can come across something that does not fit in your head.

“Remember, disinfection will be launched from helicopters, close windows!”

“Police patrols catch children! Be carefull!”

Here, Russia traditionally blames the Americans for everything, saying they launched the virus! On the other hand, the Chinese say the virus was brought to Wuhan by military Americans last year! And, of course, the cherry on the cake – will definitely be someone who tells you how to cure the coronavirus with ginger, lemon and Chupa Chups lollipops!

While the world is suffering from the coronavirus, the information cyberspace is being in pain from the pandemic of fakes about it. COVID-19 has been manipulated and lied to in such a way that not only your lungs but your common sense are at stake.

“The coronavirus is a secret biological weapon of the United States or NATO!” a group of ‘experts’ from  Moscow’s affirm it! “The disease was bred in secret laboratories of China and then infected throughout the world!” The Chinese with their biological weapon will rule the world!”

Official figures on the number of infected and dead people in China are falsified, according to US and intelligence.

Since the start of the pandemic, Beijing has reported nearly 82,000 infections and more than 3,300 casualties. However, in fact, the CIA is convinced that there are about 40,000 deaths. The proof of this is the record number of urns for burial, which got funeral services in Wuhan, as well as queues of relatives waiting to pick up the ashes, according to Bloomberg. Beijing denies everything.

Information viruses have also reached Ukraine. During the quarantine period, the Security Service exposed about a hundred people who distributed fakes and deep fakes on social networks. Some caught Ukrainians on a hook with medicinal recipes from ginger, lemon or soda. Others advised closing windows at night to protect themselves from chemicals sprayed by helicopters. The recent one, “Turn off the gadgets in order not to catch the dose of radiation from space!”

However, the most dangerous fakes are directed against the Ukrainian authorities, the army and the health care system.

Information viruses are no less dangerous than biological ones and can cost people their lives. For example, in Africa thousands of people got mental deceases under the influence of the coronavirus fake and real information.

The most effective fight against fakes is proper communication between the authorities and the people and media literacy of citizens.

My advice is to look for official and authoritative sources you trust. Secondly, watch your emotions. The spread of fakes is always based on feelings. If you see that a certain message causes you some emotional appeal, forcing to share it or disagree, or even to seek justice, know this information can be cooked by stupid guys or manipulating spin doctors.

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