Fashion as Fancy Media

Modern and Modish

(Opinion article)

At long last, it happened. For the majority of youth, the problems of the environment got flashy, funky and faddy!  Just several years ago, the eco-topics were “not in the backyards” of people and those who said that they refused plastic or furs were considered to be scammers. Nowadays, more and more leaders of public opinion and big-league companies support the idea of environmental protection.  The most striking manifestations are in the fashion industry.

For example, G-star has released a collection of Raw for the Oceans clothing from recycled plastic found in the ocean.  It looked terrible and terrific at the same time. Also,  Kenzo is deeply surprised by the exhaustion of the world’s ocean resources and cooperating with the brand  Blue Marine Foundation.  Ukrainian brand Ksenia Schnaider, together with the manufacturer of fabrics ISKO has released a collection of key models from past collections, sewn from the new fabric ISKO Earth Fit. It includes organic cotton, recycled from old cotton garments, as well as recycled plastic polyester bottles.

In my mind, the fashion industry has a strong influence on our sinful world and the course of all events.  It is really good that the fashion industry is demonstrating ecological problems more effectively than national newspapers as well as leading TV channels of the world. This supports the idea that fashion has a great impact on our society. The present-day environmental protection is obviously skyrocketing into a New Trend. Fashion turns into Fancy Media, Modish and Modern. If you want to be snazzy, dressy and classy, join the new eco-trend and support the ecologically advanced world fashion designers!

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