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Now, in the age of mass consumption, fast fashion, merciless madness and a cutting-edge concept of ‘individuality’, it is difficult to say where YOU are and where the one you want to SEEM.

What are you doing?

Who are you?

On the Internet there is a long surfing quote, “You need much better to be, rather than to seem.” Do you remember the famous Latin, “Esse quam videri?”

I want to talk about clothes. It all started with an ancient low-brow Homo neanderthalensis and is actively developing in Homo sapiens. We started and continue to put on clothes. Initially – to keep warm. Now, for someone, the trendy togs give boldness and beauty, importance and individuality.  For others, the vogue vestment is an alternative to dizzy drive – who will be the first to catch the rakish rags.  

Podiums dictate the rules and we stroll around the cities in crazy costumes.

Do we decide to make a choice or the decision was made for us?

Do we display it ourselves or we just purchase the projections of those whom we want to look like?

But who are you? Do you manifest YOURSELF in clothes?

Everyone is free to express himself or herself and his or her ‘individuality.’ Even if everyone is wearing black skin jeans now, you can emphasize yourself and not think about the fact that you are a crowd. On the other hand, you can blindly put on your own clothes and look like a crowd.

I don`t say that you should forget about fashion and put on a ‘Princess’ dress because you feel as a ‘Princess’. No.

Just don`t follow frantically the fashion. You ought to choose YOUR clothes. Comfortable and cozy for you. You ought to defile in them along the streets of your city. Confidently and stylishly, elegantly and exclusively.

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