Fashion Styles of the 80s and 90s

Fashion. For someone, this concept plays an important role in life, because many people, especially young, are trying to step foot with the fashion.

If we are talking about the fashion of the 80s, it was characterized by aggression and a mix of colors in clothes. People tried to imitate actors and singers. They wore the same clothes as their show biz stars. They wore suits, wide trousers, skirts.

I can say that I have an aunt, whose youth was in the eighties. I looked at her photo in her youth and was surprised, because a lot of clothes that people wore at that time are used in the modern time. The fashion boots were worn with ‘boiled jeans.’ Ouch! But these jeans are very similar to modern ‘mom jeans.’ Also in the eighties, tracksuits and sportswear became especially popular. T-shirts with images of rock stars were the trend of the time. At that time, expensive shoes were especially appreciated; these were Adidas sneakers that not everyone could afford.

The winter fashion of the eightieth years was big jackets, coats and headbands. The boots were also large sizes; they were called ‘moon rovers.’

The time has passed. And to replace the eighties years came the heavy nineties. The nineties are the years of my mom’s youth, and she often spoke about the style of that time. The first thing that needs to be said is that at the beginning of these years a stream of foreign outfits began inundating our markets. Often they were brought by relatives who were abroad. Denim skirts with inlays of white fabrics, as well as leather skirts were considered a special chic. The most advanced wore skirts along with leather jackets. The girls did not hesitate to wear short skirts, as well as bright clothes.

It is impossible not to remember the bright tights — the main trend of that time. In bright light, tight-fitting pants seemed to glow adding color saturation and more brilliance.

Fashion was not only for clothes, but also for hairstyles. All woman adored to make hair volume. If you want to be the most fashionable girl, it was necessary to spend half a day near the mirror, doing the volume of hair. And on top of it they poured half a balloon of hairspray. The second half of the spray went to the bangs, which also made the volume that she stood.

In the end, I can say that time is ticking, and the fashion of the eighties and nineties comes back. So if you have a leather jacket and old jeans pants in your closet, you can wear them and enjoy your life this spring.

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