Feedback on the cartoon “Polar Express”

The bell is the wonderful of the spirit of Christmas as am I. Just remember the true spirit of Christmas is in your heart.”
(Santa from ‘Polar Express’)

Since childhood, I have a tradition to watch the cartoon “Polar Express” every Christmas.
In my opinion, few cartoons can convey comfort and mood of Christmas, and this one can.

The cartoon shows a boy who continued to believe in Santa Claus, even when his friends said it was a fiction and there was no Santa Claus. At one point, his faith begins to become a reality. It’s only five minutes to midnight. Suddenly the boy shudders with the recondite roar…

After wiping the misty window, he sees a very unusual picture: thundering, whistling, releasing steam into the snowy night sky, just in front of his house slowly stops a black shiny train. And so the guy goes on an interesting adventure. On the way the little boy will have new acquaintances, stories that changed his life forever

When watching a movie you will get a Christmas mood. The cartoon teaches to believe in your dreams. Do not listen to others, but continue to trust yourself and your heart.

To watch the movie, I advise you to stock up on delicious and warm cocoa, turn on garlands, cover yourself with a warm blanket and start watching the film alone or with your family.
My rating is 10/10.

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