Feel a medieval spirit in South Yorkshire!

Hey yo ’all! Today I’ll tell you about a breathtaking, astonishing and amazing county of Great Britain — South Yorkshire. The borough still has a medieval spirit that immerses you in the good old times. Fun fact: South Yorkshire is a home borough of the world-famous singers such as Louis Tomlinson and Zayn from One Direction, Yungblud, Arctic Monkeys and a lot of more. Culture of this county is diverse. It came from the Celts (Brigantes and Parisii), Romans, Angles, Vikings and Normans who have lived here a long time ago. Yorkish people are cohesive and with strong sense of identity.

I chose the historical sightseeing to plunge you up to your ears in the culture of this beautiful borough. Our first stop is Barnsley. Barnsley is a large market town in South Yorkshire, England. The first reference to Barnsley appeared in 1086 in the Domesday Book. Elsecar Heritage Centre is a living history center of Elsecar in Barnsley. It embraces the industrial history of the area, and includes a Newcomen steam engine.

Cannon Hall is a country house museum located between the villages of Cawthorne and High Hoyland. Formerly it was home of Spencer and later the Spencer-Stanhope family. Now it comprises collections of furniture, paintings, ceramics and glassware. The museum tenancies 4 rooms in the east wing and presents “Family of Artists” exhibition on loan from the De Morgan Foundation.

Our next stop is Doncaster. Doncaster is a large minster town in South Yorkshire, England, named after the River Don, which flows through the town. Besides this is the hometown of previously mentioned Louis Tomlinson and Yungblud. Doncaster Minster is one of two parish churches with a minster status in South Yorkshire. Also known as Minster and Parish Church of St George. The church was built in 1854-1858 instead of a buildings destroyed by fire earlier. There are a Schulz organ, a ring of eight bells, and a celebrated clock by Dent inside.

The last halt you trip could be Sheffield. Sheffield is a city and metropolitan borough in South Yorkshire, England. The name derives from the River Sheaf, which runs through the city. Moreover, it’s a city where a band Arctic Monkeys was born.

Sheffield Cathedral is the second parish church in South Yorkshire. Also known as The Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul, it received the cathedral status in 1914, when the diocese was created. In 2020, a merciless fire destroyed it.

The Kelham Island Museum is an industrial museum on Alma Street, alongside the River Don, in the center of Sheffield, England. It was opened in 1982.

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet is an industrial museum in the south of the City of Sheffield. The museum is a part of a former steel-working site on the River Sheaf, with a history going back to at least the 13th century. It consists of a number of dwellings and workshops that were formerly the Abbeydale Works—a scythe-making plant that was in operation until the 1930s—and is a remarkably complete example of a 19th-century works.

Reading this blog didn’t take a lot of your time, but I anticipate that it touched your heart. Yourkshire is waiting for you! See you soon!

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