Fierce Friend of Little Red Riding Hood

(derailed fairy tale)

There lived a small girl, called Red-Cap. Once, Mother asked her to visit the grandmother, who was ill, and gave her tasty treats: a peach pie and a bottle of white wine. Mother also warned Red-Cap about all dangerous things in the wild woods.

Therefore, the girl took her basket and left her house. Red-Cap didn’t know the way as well as she should, so at one road cross she didn’t know where to go.

Suddenly, a wicked wolf came out of the wood thickets. Despite the fear, Red-Cap kept staying and staring at him when he licked his lips.

“How savory smells this pie,” thought the wolf and continued, “I wish I could taste it.”

Then he tried to talk to her, “I guess, your pie is palatory. Could you give one piece of it to me?”

The girl remembered that her father always told her to treat everyone with kindness, so that she said, “Sure, you can choose any of them.”

After it, she asked him to show a right way to her grandmother’s house. The wolf gobbled up his piece of pie in one sec and offered to accompany Red-Cap protecting her from other wolves. The girl appreciated it, and they went to her grandmother together.

Fortunately, grandmother’s illness had gone. She treated her granddaughter and her new sharp-toothed friend with a special pizza.

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