Finding a job after graduation

Today, there are thousands of different vacancies around the world. And what is most surprising, even if the job title is the same, the requirements and conditions are different, thereby making the job unique. The hardest part of your professional journey is getting started. Few people know how to present yourself to the employer, how to create a sellable resume and portfolio. How to design your resume? What to write and what to keep silent about? In my opinion, there are the following answers to all these questions.

First of all, never lie on your resume. It’s better not to say something or keep silent than to write about things that could negatively affect your future interview. Describe your skills and abilities in detail using your professional slang. Once you’ve created a great resume, the likelihood that you will be noticed is almost 100%.

The second and no less important step is the interview. Never be late for an appointment with employers, otherwise it will badly affect the first impression of you. For a good idea of ​​what a perfect job interview should look like, check out the following dialogue.

“Good morning, Miss Jones. So you applied for a job in our team. Am I right?”

“Yes, I did. I sent my resume for a position of a SMM-manager.”

“That`s good. I`d like to know a bit more about you. Probably you could tell us about your education first.”

“Well, I left school at 17 and then for the next four years I studied at Kyiv University of Boris Grinchenko. I graduated with high honors and was qualified as a journalist. And after that I did a one-year computer course.”

“Well. Your education sounds great, Miss Jones. And have you got any experience? Have you worked before?”

“Certainly. First I worked as an editor on the «1+1». I stayed there for one year and then I moved on to my present company. They offered me a job of a SMM-manager in a big company.”

“That`s very interesting. Why aren’t you happy with your present job, Miss Jones? Why are you going to leave them?”

“Well. The salary isn’t so bad, I must admit. But the work schedule isn’t convenient for me. And I often do a lot of overtime work there. Besides you have an excellent reputation and I hope to have more opportunity and growth potential in your company.”

“I see. Do you mind business trips? And are you fluent in Italian or German?”

“Oh, foreign languages are my favorites. That`s my jam! We did Italian and German at the University and I use them when I travel.

“Very good. Can you tell me about your good points then?”

“Well… I start my work on time. I learn quite quickly. I am a friendly team-player, and I can max out and work under pressure in a busy company.

“OK. That’s enough I think. Well, Miss Jones. Thank you very much. I am pleased to talk to you and we will inform you about the result of our interview in a few days. Good-bye.”

After such a great conversation, they will definitely call you and offer further options for work. You may be asked to do an internship first to ensure your skills and performance. Show yourself to the maximum and you will definitely get the job you dreamed of!

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