Fish will save us from Covid-19

(Derailed fairy tale)

Once upon a time, in a faraway land lived a very poor couple in a shabby shack not far from the edge of the sea. Their only food was the fish that the old man caught in the sea.

One morning, according to their daily routine, the fisherman took his fishing net down to the sea. But on this day something unusual happened – the old fisherman caught the Golden Fish! The Golden Fish begged the fisherman to spare her life, and offered in return to grant the fisherman any wish he would like. But the kindhearted fisherman asked for nothing and returned the Golden Fish to the sea.

However, the fisherman’s wife was not so good-natured, she became irate when he told the story to her and sent him back to the sea to catch the Golden Fish and to wish for a cozy house for them.

The fisherman did as he was told; he caught the fish and wished for a comfy house. When he returned home, he found a new big house. But the fisherman’s wife was greedy and begged for more and more. Later, the grandfather and grandmother got expensive cars, various valuables and a lot of money.

However, they realized that they no longer needed anything more and decided to do good things for the whole world. The fisherman caught a fish again and wished the Covid-19 to disappear! Thanks to this wish, people stopped suffering from this disease and began to enjoy life! Long live the Golden Fish! Glory to the Fisherman!

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