Five books you need to read to become a businessman

  1. Atlas Shoulders’ by Ayn Rend

What to teach? It introduces business and tells how to advance the opportunity to get in. Whether it’s a good idea to please you to read the book, you’ll start to get started. Would you like to launch a business? This book shows what vibe can lead you to ‘singing situations’ and what to cook.

  1. The richest man in Babylon’ by George Samuel Clayson

What to teach? Financial wisdom: informative, rich in financial philosophy, as well as the information about “financial literacy.” After reading you become smart, it gives sufficient ground for thinking over your team and over your money. So you can think of it at once, at the financial plan.

  1. Financier,’ Theodore Dreiser
    What to teach? It instructs how to work with money in their usual cycle and how to deal with the market with possible monopolies. Risk and loss. The book is for those who want to understand the essence of finance in business and beyond. The book tells the story of a hero who survived the Civil War, and then began looking for ways to earn money, started a dark game, which led to his imprisonment. With the new freedom he began a new monopoly, a game for life, where money has a role.

  2. Business of the 21st Century,’ Robert Kiosaki
    What to teach? Entrepreneurial thinking. It introduces financial pyramids. The book will give a basic understanding of the thinking of a real entrepreneur and how to understand the various business processes. My personal advice –do not read it to the end. Take only the information that interests you.

  3. The Way’ by Konosuke Matsushita
    What to teach? Understanding and the importance of internal business philosophy. This book is about the philosophy of the company, the correctness of the internal organism of the business, its perception by employees and managers. You will see the history of one of the key companies in the world; you will understand what is going on in the head of the person who manages it all.

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