Five detective books to read on Christmas holidays

(Christmas listicle)

Are you a king of a thrill-seeker? Are you in search of a decent book to read? Well, I can help you. Here is the list of five detective books that will make your skin crawl.
Let`s get started!

1. ‘The Snowman’ by Jo Nesbo
When the first snowflake falls on the ground, a serial killer appears on the streets of Oslo. One morning a little boy sees a snowman in his backyard with his mom`s scarf on it. And the mom is missing… The detective Harry Hole decides to solve this case but he has no idea what things he need to encounter before he faces the truth.

2. ‘The Hypnotist’ by Lars Kepler
A cold-blooded murder happens in the heart of Stockholm. The whole family has been mercilessly murdered. Only the boy survived, but he`s in a critical state. Detective Yonna Linna asks the famous hypnotist to come and try to get into the boy`s brain to find the murderer. However, it is not that easy, the boy`s brain is shut down and the hypnotist needs to face his own fears to help the police.

3. ‘The Ice Princess’ by Camilla Lackberg
When Erica Falk returns to her hometown for her parents` funeral, another tragedy arrives. Erica`s childhood friend is found dead in a bathtub of her own house. It looks like a suicide but is it? In order to solve it, Erica asks her friend Patrick, who is the local detective, for help. So they dig into the case but are surprised to find out that everyone in their town has skeletons in the closets.

4. ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ by Agatha Christi
The most famous story of the Queen of detectives takes place in a train that travels from Syria to Turkey. It is weirdly full for this time of the year but let it be… Just before midnight the Express is stopped in its tracks by a snowdrift. In the morning, the millionaire Samuel Edward Ratchett is found dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times, his door locked from the inside. One of the passengers must be the murderer. And that is the moment when the notorious detective – Hercule Poirot – puts his shoulder to the wheel and decides to solve this cold-blooded murder.

5. ‘The Puzzle’ by Frank Thilliez
France. Present days. Ilan and Chloé are specialists in treasure hunts. They love solving puzzles. For a long time, they dreamed of participating in the game, the one we only know the name: Paranoia.
They manage to qualify for the game and when the day comes, they are given rule number 1: No matter what, anything you will experience is reality. This is a game. Followed, a little later, by rule number 2: One of you will die.
And when the players find a first corpse, game and reality begin to merge. Paranoia really starts … Will you be able to distinguish the game and reality?
Merry Christmas! These books are waiting for your attention!

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