Five Tips for a Small Talk

An important step in communicating with colleagues is a small talk. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what can and cannot be done in such conversations. So in this article I will give 5 small tips on how to withstand more than one small business talk.

  1. Know where you are.

If you are a beginner, it will be good to know where you are, namely: what the company you work does, what its history is and what employees do.

  1. Do not talk about politics.

It is not necessary to talk about politics and resonant events, because your views with a colleague or boss may not match.

  1. No speech required.

A small talk is, first of all, a dialogue. It is not necessary to speak only about oneself, and even more so to arrange a speech just around your ‘beautiful self.’

  1. Don’t be categorical.

No need to praise or condemn anyone. ‘Never complain, never explain,’ as Joe Biden says. No complaints. A small talk is a conversation about something simple and easy, understand?

  1. Be polite.

The usual rules of etiquette are quite necessary. You can not interrupt a colleague, address the name immediately or communicate informally. We should remember where we are – at work.

It is also worth remembering that a small talk is a new and exciting experience. Good luck and see you!

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