Ukrainian book festivals started to develop years ago. It is obvious that many people heard about Book Forum (the biggest one which is located in Lviv) and Book Arsenal (this one takes part in Kyiv). But what if you love books so much that you wanted to visit as many such festivals as possible even in small Ukrainian cities?  This article is just for you!


This festival is not just a book festival. It is a poetic festival. Mostly, because of the place, where it is located – Chernivtsi. Its managers say that the most pivotal part of the event is not the festival itself but the city. They were influenced by Chernivtsi cultural and historical background and they wanted to show how colorful is their city by creating the fancy festival. You can meet many proficient poets from foreign countries, travel around Chernivtsi for the small events, and find a real piece of harmony here.

Number 2. International Book Exhibition-Fair “Green Wave”

Who hasn`t heard about Odessa? This super, sunny, and startling city is one of the most attractive pearls for tourists in Ukraine. But here you can not only swim, go to the historical center or find delicious food – you can also buy some brilliant books, see some smart artists and well-respected publishing houses that you`ll never see in another place. All you need to do is to go to International Book Exhibition-Fair “Green Wave.” A distinguishing feature of this festival is that they have one more country-gues, each year another one. For example, Italy was the country-guest of 2019. Italian illustrators and publishing houses visited the festival and presented a lot of lofty and miraculous master-classes for their enthusiastic public..

Number 3. Cherkasy Book Fest

You will love their Instagram page not because of glamour photos passed through filters but because of funny and original memes. Cherkasy Book Fest is located in Cherkasy city as you can understand from its title. Their main point is to involve as many creative and ambition authors as they can. But they do not post posh photos with them — they make memes — and this is the most magnificent module of their movement. They know authors so well that their pictures portray the festival`s frequenters in the most marvelous mode.

Also, in 2019 this fest started swinging around. It was located in many cities in Ukraine and their managers visit each one with leading-edge lectures and matchless master-classes. So, if you participate as a volonteer, you can travel more than you`ve imaged before!

Number 4. Book Space

Book space is one of the youngest book festivals in Ukraine.  For the first time, it was organized in 2018. The fest is located in Dnipro (former Dnipropetrovsk). Their punchline point is to show people another view on their picturesque city – that it is not only industrial but intelligent and unique. It is the place, where you can meet inspired people and favorite artists. This fest is made to make Dnipro better, contemporary and inclusive.

Number 5. Festival “Ї”

Last but not least. This festival is located in Ternopil and is organized in spring and it is as fresh, green and young as this blooming season. An interesting fact: they have two programs —  for the night and for the day. Besides, they have several stages — for music and literature. If you want to see a smash hit film or some theatre performance — you can visit this fest at night and enjoy it.

So these were 5 festivals in 5 cities. How much did you visit? And how much do you want to visit now?

November 10, 2019

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