Flowers in Art

It is no secret, that there is a lot of art, featuring flowers. Why, though? Is it just because they pretty? Or is it “to capture the quickness of life?”

Actually, no. Of course, if your life is painting and flowers are present, but just because they are growing at the moment of the creating an art piece. Also, there are surely art where flowers don’t play such a big role. And even just to show off some artist’s gardening abilities (Monet is a great example. I am planning to tell about him and his garden in next post).

However, in most cases flowers take place in drawing for a reason. Surely you heard about the language of flowers, right? Yes, that’s the case. Do you remember those still life paintings with nothing but a bouquet and maybe some food or musical instrument? That was not only for bragging (however, it is not to be excluded), but to tell a made-up story or even to expose the monarchy or a general ruler, or situation in the country.

I highly recommend using the flower language in your drawing too. Not only it will give an “Easter egg” for the most observant ones, but also will help you make your art more vibrant and detailed. However, I suggest that you should choose a theme of your piece first and only then start looking for flowers as they may have different meaning with different combination of colors.

Here, in my personal drawing, I decided to use that. All of the depicted flowers have some meaning and message – either from the deceased to her friends and folks.

Meaning of flowers on the drawing:

Butterfly weed (orange & small) — let me go;

Coreopsis (yellow) — always cheerful;

Gladioli (pink -ish, tall)— being honest and faithful; strength of character;

Lilies — innocence of the departed soul;

Carnations (big, orange)— admiration, yearning.

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