Four book cafes in Kyiv you should visit for good book and cup of coffee

Sometimes everyone desires to enjoy a cozy place where you can come alone or with a small company, drink tea or coffee, read a book, zero in on  some project or prep lessons. So, if you live, study, work in Kyiv and look for a place to have a bit of privacy – here you go, four pleasant places made just right for this atmosphere:

  1. Bookshop “Nash Format.” It is absolutely different from all the others listed below – white, with a large bar (and huge menu of alcohol), with soft chairs-pillows and several little tables. Plus, if you are a fun of “Nash Format” books you can find many fascinating ones here. Sometimes there is even a 25% or 50% sale on books. This is ideal place to organize some job meetings or lectures for minor groups of people.
  2. Cafe on the second floor of the bookstore “Bukva.” This is a prettily placed pit stop – at least because it is near Kyiv center. Soft sofas, bookshelves, low prices for drinks (tea and pies are delicious there). Silent, lighted room and appropriate tables for work or study. You can read some books from the bookshop here even if you did not buy them! What a charming place to be lost for a few hours!
  3. “The Old Lion Bookstore-cafe.” This place is not exactly for work. It is for another option – to forget you have job to do at all. You can just go back to your childhood, sit on the windowsill and flip through the books with cool illustrations. Besides, there are charismatic baristas, moderate prices, soft chairs, and delicious tea. You can skim books, read books, and buy books. You can imagine that you live in books, sleep with books, think up books, whatever…It is like a small safe castle in a fancy.
  4. Book Cafe “Paliturka.” This one is the sweetest, warmest and coziest places in the whole city! There are board games. Not everyone who loves them too much can often play them. In addition, here the coffee shop is actively distributing bookcrossing – you can deliver a book and exchange it for something that is sold in this place or just for free coffee. The drinks here, by the way, are good and tasty, but the price is appropriate. Huge menu with cocoa, coffee, tea and alcohol for winter or summer season – an excellent place to spend work break.In addition to the bright and cozy first floor, there are stairs to the basement, dark and mystic at the same time.

What are you waiting for? Look beyond your horizons! Stand up and find your new palsy-walsy places!

November 10, 2019

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