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I had two big accidents in my life Diego, the trolley and you…
You are by far the worse.”
SALMA HAYEK – Frida Kahlo

An ancient wisdom: if you have no one to discuss or gossip about with your friends, read some biographies of prominent world art figures, and even better – watch a movie about them. It turns out that these films can impress not only with content but also with visualization. This is the biographical film ‘Frida’ about a unique artist of the twentieth century. In 2002, debutant director Julie Taymore presented it to the world, so fans of the Mexican artist were already 18 years old to watch ‘Frida’ over and over again!

“Careful, boys, this corpse is still breathing,” the first remark that the viewer hears from the lips of Frida Kahlo, when she was lying in bed, almost motionless, being carried by several young men to the art gallery. The situation is tragic, the reaction is, as always, ironic. Finally, the organization of an exhibition of her own creative works in Mexico was for Frida like how to “see Paris and die.” That was one of her greatest professional goals, dictated by deep devotion to the Fatherland. The artist was proud of her origin, popularizing Mexican culture and not betraying national costumes, even when she temporarily lived with her husband in innovative New York. ‘Frida’ film is framed by colorful folk music and dances – not for nothing, it helped her to win the Oscar. The film received the second statuette for the best make-up.

It is important to note that the film ‘Frieda’ has a crucial mission for society: to glorify the indomitable power of women. Frieda’s resilience is, indeed, deeply touching and inspiring. The girl, who immediately lost her first love, movement and full life after a terrible car accident, paints butterflies on her plaster and says that she will walk. She doesn’t cry when she’s been in bed for weeks. Instead, the audience wipes away tears, moved by the strength of young Frida, who takes the first steps toward her parents. However, the trouble does not come alone: ​​it was this period of life that pushed her to art. Frieda could not get out of bed, go outside and be inspired by the scenery or other people, so she started with self-portraits, depicting herself in a mirror image. As it turned out, the choice of such a concept was really fateful. My rating is 9.5/10.

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