Before and After


They were always close friends or ‘bosom buddies’ as they were called by their folks. They supported each other during futile flings at frisky flirting and laughing at elementary things such as a table, close to complete ‘intoxication’ of each other. They saw so much in each other’s lives that they could only be friends. Even parents treated such friends as their own children. They constantly cracked local jokes that had been shaped since their early childhood and remembered any funny mess of each other, of course, not forgetting to remind them at each convenient and the most inconvenient case.

New acquaintances poured compliments what a beautiful couple they were. And they answered that they were not a couple and would never be. But it was BEFORE…

The time of AFTER came. As if after some thaumaturgy thunderbolt they realized that they were suddenly embarrassed by each other’s touches and glances. This was a process that was bound to end with an awkward kiss. But the main thing that it was a MUTUAL KISS, something more than a kiss, something larger-than-life…

They fall in the whirlpool of passions with all their ups and downs…The happy end is expected.

I would like to demonstrate some film examples of this literary device to you.

THE DUFF (2015), a romantic comedy film directed by A.Sandel.

Every hot girl has a friend who is not so handsome and less successful in relations. Friends of this type are called the duff. Bianca decides that she could change her position in the eyes of all boys surrounding her, especially her cutie Toby. This is how the girl makes a deal with her childhood friend and, of course, she falls in love with him.

PLUS ONE (2019), a romantic comedy film directed by J.Chan and A.Rhymer

Ben and Ellis have no one to visit friends’ weddings – no one except each other. Friends remember their parties at college time, so why not? They agree and join together to pass through numerous weddings. Holiday by holiday, adventure by adventure, and characters start realizing that they have deep feelings.

HOLIDATE (2020), a romantic comedy film directed by J.Whitesell.

Both protagonists needed a couple for the holidays, so that friends and relatives would not bother with their inquiries. Sloane and Jackson agreed to keep each other company at various festive events, but without any feelings and relationships. And I guess you have already guessed that they did not fulfill the last condition.

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