Funny Snippets Of The Bloody War In Ukraine

(Part 2)

(humorous miniflash stories)

Life is full of paradoxes. War life just sharpens them, mixing dramatic and funny events in its weird ‘bloody Marry cocktail.’ The dramatic war between Ukraine and Russia is not an exception; it is sprinkled with slapstick events too.

March 16. In Sumy region, four Russian tanks were defeated by Ukrainian black soil. As shows the video footage shot by a local man, being stopped by a forest logjam, a column of gas tank trucks with two tanks T-72 turned from an asphalt road and moved through the country black soil covered with wide puddles. Surely, tanks maneuvered the first! Unfortunately, they got stuck in Ukrainian puddles, failing to break free from filthy hog wallows. The destiny of two other tanks coming to tow the trapped bro shmanks away was the same. Gloomy gas tank trucks moved back. Now this place turned into a suck site for photo opportunities of cheery locals.


March 8. In the same Sumy region, four Russian tanks T-72 got crashed by two Ukrainian flags. In the morning, local folks noticed 4 Russian tanks pulled up to the center of their small village. Young tank men, being baffled by the lack of fuel, drained gas from two tanks and filled the tanks of two others. After that they moved away seeking the way and leaving two T-72 with closed hatches. In a while, jolly farmers fixed two Ukrainian flags on the tanks` turrets parked in their settlement. On arrival, puzzled troopers of two tanks racked their brains for a sec and started shooting at tanks with Ukrainian flags. After getting a decisive ‘victory,’ they came closer and got disappointed looking at their own damaged tanks. Then they brainstormed for a while, actively gesticulating and bitching. Soon they decided that the best way ran through the local bridge with a load capacity of 5 tons. Ignoring the traffic sign, the first tank broke down the bridge and tumbled into a quite deep river, leaving no chances to save it. The last tank chose another way and after a long circling around the village outskirts, at long last, found a deep ditch where it got stuck till the end of the war.


March 10. In Chernihiv region, one local man shot a video with 15 Russian trucks belonging to logistic support units circling solemnly on a snowy agro field. The video looks bewildering. The first idea striking the head says, “The loaded trucks are drilled for a parade march.” The second idea asks, “Why does it happen on the territory of Ukraine?” Only the third flash of mind solves this catch-22, I mean this paradoxical war ploy, – this logistic unit just only wants to run out gas in order not to go into the nightmare of this ‘military operation…’

So, you see, not only anti-tank weapon stops the Russian tanks and trucks in Ukraine…War life is full of mind-breaking oddities.

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