‘Happy people reading books and drinking coffee’ By Agnes Martin-Lugan

(book review)

Even in the times of war atrocities, it is a good idea to distract you from gloomy realities of our present–day life. Book reading helps a lot to relax and forget about deep stresses.

In my opinion, ‘Happy people reading books and drinking coffee’is a wonderful and fascinating book. The plot reveals the sad and beautiful story of a woman who, after the death of her beloved husband and daughter, loses the meaning of existence. The main character learns again to live, love, feel. The book about life is divided into “before” and “after,” about loneliness and hope, love and self-belief.

For some reason, I remembered the book “The Bookstore of Happiness” by D. Kolgan. That’s exactly the strong feeling of the resemblance of these two books. The story itself is easy, though very sad. After any tragedy, it is important to have someone around who will be able to get you out of depression. I lacked the line of love, I felt unspoken all the time. And the end was stolen too…I do not like the open final. The age category of the reader and his or her life experience are still important here, the view of the history strongly depends on it.

A little about the writer. Agnes Martin-Lugan is a contemporary French writer. Her books on loneliness quickly gained popularity. The author herself wanted to become a professional writer since childhood, but her fate turned out to be that she first became a child psychologist. This helped her finally understand that writing is her destiny. Agnes left her work after the birth of a child and spent some time as a housewife. She wrote her first motivational art book “Happy people read books and drink coffee” at this period of her life.

All in all, the book is great, and I advise everyone to read it, maybe you will find a part of yourself in it. My rate is 9/10.

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