Hard Rock.  Awkward Situations. Meaning of Life.

(humorous story)

I often call myself a life winner and every time I say it with a pinch of sarcasm. I’m sure that all people at least once got into awkward situations. Some people try to forget these moments as soon as possible The same relates to me. Now I will tell you a situation that has recently happened to me and my friend.

One Friday night we were going to meet one ‘starlet`s’ rock band. Thank God it was Friday! We planned to brainstorm a bit, to juggle our small show biz ideas, and to relax with a bottle of red wine. We didn’t know each other before; everything was supposed to happen that evening. We were invited to a hard rock rehearsal base. There were two bases, one — on the first floor and the second one — on the second. The vocalist of this group met us at the entrance; we had made acquaintance with each other just a bit earlier. She told us to go up to the second floor and followed us. We went into the room where four decent looking guys met us. We greeted them, they somehow hesitantly answered us the same. I started to take off my jacket and putting my hear in order. At that moment I realized that we were in dead stone silence. I watched around and saw that all four guys were looking at us in strange bewilderment. I got the impression that they took me for ‘a lady of the night’ whom they hadn`t ordered. My friend was on the same wavelength with me and uttered slowly, “Oh, boys, I’m sorry, we seem to be in the wrong place!” Can you just imagine the level of my awkwardness at this moment?! And we, as if nothing had happened, left this room. Stepping out, I was blushed, ashamed, and, on the other hand, I wanted to burst out laughing. Thank God it was Friday!

I immediately grasped that this situation would go into my bank of awkward situations. I think I can never forget the faces of those guys. They had no sense of humor but my friend and I laughed with a dash of bitterness for a long time and recalled this ridiculous situation.

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