Harry Potter is not a story about a boy who survived?


Everyone knows the story of Harry Potter. Someone read this masterpiece and someone watched movies. It is about the boy who survived the attack of the great wizard Lord Voldemort!

Once Harry received the letter and went to Hogwarts School of Magic. In this place the boy found the best friends and love of his life – Ginny. He also found out how his lovely parents actually died.

However, all these pleasant and bitter moments are just illusions of a boy suffering from schizophrenia.

The reasons are quite obvious. Harry never knew what support and friendship were…He always talked to himself…Sometimes Harry told his aunt Petunia how he had spent a year in magic school, but in reality he did not go to any school. Teachers came to his house, but instead of lessons the boy talked about some strange things… Every day he said he had to fight and to destroy Voldemort…

Years passed and the boy could not stand it. On the morning of June 20, he was found dead…

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