Health and Fitness Oomph!

In spite of the outbreak of the coronavirus, it is desirable to remember that health and fitness are two intertwined phenomena playing a crucial role in shaping a strong immune system.

Health is defined as the state of wellbeing in which a person is free from illness and injury. Fitness is the state of being healthy and physically fit. Health is influenced by fitness and fitness is influenced by health. The trends in health and fitness are continuous and people strive to achieve both in their lives. Health and fitness continue to undergo a transformation in the changing times especially with the influence of technology. It is important to be healthy and fit because of the benefits enjoyed.

Health and fitness is a process that requires proper understanding. Health and fitness is something that someone has to have a purpose and stick to it in order to be successful at it. During the quarantine, it is a challenge to remain healthy and fit because of the commitment it requires and the work that has to be done. Accepting the challenge is the first step into health and fitness. It is also vital to find a worthy partner with whom you can entertain and exercise. It is something you can do with your spouse or a colleague at work just for the motivation. A workout schedule has to be formulated together with a dietary schedule.

Healthy foods should be a balanced diet but with fewer amounts of calories. However, calories should not be undertaken because exercise requires the burning of calories for energy. What you need is the golden middle way. Staying healthy and fit means that you have to eat well and exercise well and a schedule is important because it keeps you on track. It is also important to set goals like losing a certain amount of weight so that the goal will motivate you in remaining healthy and fit.

Health and fitness are of great significance in the lives of senior individuals. It helps in preventing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. According to the present-day statistics, 22% of those who died because of COVID-19 had suffered from diabetes…

Physical fitness involves the burning of unnecessary fat in our bodies which helps to reduce the cholesterol in our blood. Having less cholesterol in the body reduces the chances of developing high blood pressure. Also, when exercising, we use up the calories in our bodies and therefore blood glucose is maintained at normal levels and thus reduces the chances of developing diabetes.

It is also vital to remain healthy and fit in order to maintain normal body weight. The food we eat and activities we do influence our body weight. Being inactive and consuming unhealthy foods such as fast food could result in serious weight issues like obesity. Obesity is having a body mass index that is greater than 30. It has been associated with many chronic illnesses such as heart diseases and diabetes. In order to remain within normal body weight, health and fitness have to be prioritized.

Safety and self-defense are influenced by health and fitness. Being physically fit means that you are able to run and you are strong enough to defend yourself. Street toughs and muggers could be suddenly met even in the middle of nowhere. Knowing how to fight is not an aspect of health and fitness. The ability to run fast is considered safe because you can always escape danger. Being unfit is disadvantageous in situations of danger because you could experience a bleeding nose and an empty pocket.

The balanced combination of health and fitness is essential in the lives of all individuals. Schools emphasize on health and fitness because by training young children on health and fitness, any country gets strong and smart generations ready to defend it and advance its social and economic wellbeing.

So, don`t waste your time, hip-hopping, pull-ups, sit-ups, are waiting for you at home or in the nearest woodland!

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