Hear your fear: don’t let it disappear

(opinion article)

Fear makes people think.”
( Aristotle, ancient Greek philosopher)

Fear – quite often we find this word in everyday vocabulary, this word, at least not every day we can hear, whether from just casual passers-by or from acquaintances.  And how often do we feel fear?  And how often do we deal with it, asking ourselves, whether it is normal to feel afraid at all?  Could this be a manifestation of self-doubt?  Inability to get your hands together and get together?  Not faith in yourself?

I’ll tell you something else about fear.  And I will try to convey that it is absolutely normal.  The first thing I want to say is that fear is natural, just like breathing, sight, touching, it is as natural as crying or joy.  Fear is one of the basic human emotions.  And all the typical “Big and Loud Phrases” saying, “We must overcome Fear.  Fight it!  Get rid of it.  Don’t let Fear stop us!” are examples of over-exaggeration, in my opinion, because fear always accompanies us to a greater or lesser degree. We have all ever felt it, and this discomfort is a normal course of things. Perhaps it is worth looking at this emotion differently? Because fear is  a part of ourselves, but how can we fight ourselves? No, of course, we can, but it doesn’t make sense. Even if we talk about love for ourselves and perceive ourselves with all our faults, fear is a part of us.  just like love, joy, and pain. In fact, fear generates action.  I mean? Now I will explain. To avoid fear, we are always running away from anything that could potentially cause it. You are not writing to a friend who has liked you for a long time, because it is easier than experiencing fear, which will be his answer. You don`t take the risk and never change your life for the better, even if you haven’t been in a relationship for a long time, or at work, to not feel the fear, the fear that nothing will come or the fear that something may go wrong. You will never show your talent  so as not to feel frustrated.  And there are many such examples, from different people, and even me.  All this is an escape from fear.  Escape from the uncomfortable feeling of dread.

Another fact is that when you are truly happy and have little time, you do not spend it fighting fear and thinking through mega philosophical justifications, with millions of arguments against fear.  When you have a schedule so tight that it is painted per second, even the energies do not draw on such ‘analysis.’  The containment and counteraction of fear is the exhaustion of physical and moral condition.

After all, by fighting a rhinestone you are fighting your own life and this is a war in which victory is impossible, but only the loss of your resources.  Constantly holding back negative emotions early, whether or not you have the strength to do anything later.  Curbing fear is also dangerous because it depends on your self-esteem.  I will give an example: you hold back your fear and feel in control of it — you are a hero and like yourself, you cannot control yourself — your self-esteem slowly begins to go down the ladder of hopelessness.

Controlling the emotion of a rhinestone is quite a variable thing, so in any case, you lose this battle.  The more you hold back and retain the accumulated emotions, the more your physical health will suffer.  When more and more of the inhibited energy of Fear accumulates within us, other parts of the body activate compensation, as is always the case in locking systems.

There is a very high risk of immunity and even more serious consequences of such a “war” with fear.  And in fact, constantly stopping the feeling of rhinestone is not in your power.  And the more you hold back, the more you can then explode (like a balloon) withstanding this pressure.  In my opinion, as you continue to do this, you continue to brew in your own juice, pouring over the crown.  It is a crisis, the clattering in one place.  You will never be able to achieve anything and develop further by constantly focusing on one thing — the fight against fear.

Remember, fear is not lazy, you have to accept it, and then you can really be calm and move towards your dreams. As F. D. Roosevelt once remarked, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

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