How Advertising Works 

Influence on human consciousness

Quite often we can hear exclamations that advertising does not affect us. For those of us who know anything about marketing, this is a pretty familiar thing. We invite you to read further in our article on how to create high-quality advertising. But it is worth considering whether the most advanced companies will invest $70 billion (this is the approximate cost of a full-fledged advertising on TV.) in something that does not work. Naturally, companies expect a good return on advertising, the popularity of their product or company. The reason many people assume that ads aren’t working is that they think ads want to get them to do something right away, this very second. They are wrong.Successful ads are rarely created through arguments or calls to action. Instead, it creates positive memories and feelings that affect our daily lives over time. This encourages us to buy the advertised product in a longer time frame. Nobody likes to think he is easily influenced. In fact, there is much evidence that we react negatively to direct attempts to convince us someone else is right.

Instead,the best advertisements always contain ingenuity in leaving a human  impression. Needless to say, considering the process of advertising creativity in more detail. We will understand professional advertisers will never write catchy melodies, make commercials behind pretty eyes, giving us free new music. They want us to buy something. The most important challenge for marketers is: how best to translate the best memories and emotions of people into their actions, in such a short period of time and in one commercial?

And marketers representing this or that advertising agency have found the right answer. They play on our power of engagement. Their focus is on creating positive experiences that will affect us in the long term. Here the goal is to select positive ideas and memories that will draw us to the right brand.

So, contrary to the beliefs of many people, advertising still has its all-encompassing influence on them. But the impact of advertising is very subtle, almost exquisite. Harsh calls to action are easily dismissed and dismissed because they are obvious. But we are attracted by memorable announcements, fleeting ideas, pleasant memories, simple funny slogans and melodies, and they influence our behavior. You can be completely confident that advertising does not affect you in any way, but marketers know their job well and we are influenced by them.

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