How to Become A Fighter

(a miniflash story with McGuffin)

Mater Xiao, the great kung fu fighter, went to an evening meditation in the mountains. The sun was about to rise, so he hurried up. Meanwhile, his servant Han quietly made his way to his apartment.

He was looking for the Dragon Scroll, the mysterious artefact. According to a legend, the owner of the Scroll becomes invincible in battle. The room was clean and spacious; it smelled of incense. The Scroll stood in the middle of the house in a golden box. The servant grabbed it putting in his pocket and ran out onto the path.

However on the way, he met the Master coming down from the mountain, and suddenly the Scroll fell down in the abyss. Xiao said, “Enlightenment has come down to me on the mountain. I invite you to become my disciple. For obedience you will become great.”

Han was suddenly surprised by him, but agreed and thanked for the honor. In three years he will become Chinese Tiger Warrior! The Master never asked him about the Scroll. One day Han will find out that its only line says, “Train and listen to your Master.

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