How to become a millionaire?

The brilliant book “The Road to Financial Freedom: Earn Your First Million in Seven Years” by Bodo Schäfer

“If you were not afraid of doing the first step, it would be an indication that this step is too small for you,” affirms Bodo Schäfer. No, this is not spam that typically comes to your directly. This is an extremely cool and fascinating book that does not promise a temporary result. But the result is promising.

Meet, “The Road to Financial Freedom: Earn Your First Million in Seven Years” by Bodo Schafer.

The essential thing in this book is exercises, the answers to which you must give in writing. Well, if not, you just wasted your time and the author’s time. And the author values ​​his time very much. How about you?

In general, the author has a genuinely appealing way of presenting the information. This is the style of “get up from the couch and do it”, but with step-by-step instructions. What I didn’t expect for sure was that Bodo would delve into psychology and talk about people being afraid to be rich. A lot of inner stereotypes stop them from money. And after you overcome all these obstacles in yourself (he even has a huge list of them), Bodo Schafer will instruct you how to invest money, where to invest them, what is financial protection, and will show you a sign of how much you need to earn and invest to have 1 million in 7 years.

The author does not plan it step by step, but he gives you a full guideline on how to get your life better. For example, you should understand what is your better life. What work do you want? What car? Or a house? Why do you need more money? Rich people never became rich only for money, They had goals. Bodo will teach you how to make bigger goals for better life. And how to follow them. The figures in the book are abso-bloody-lutely real, although taken from German life.

For yourself, I first read the whole book to understand if it is really valuable to me, and now I’m doing a little exercise from it. And I highly recommend it. How do you fill the gaps in your financial literacy? My rating is 10!

October 11, 2020

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