In the lands of Morocco, many civilizations left their traces: in ancient times the Phoenicians and Romans ruled here, in the Middle Ages and New Time, the Arab states of the Maghreb had to survive several waves of European expansion. Modern Morocco is a synthesis of cultures, where Islamic traditions are interwoven with the beliefs of the Tuareg nomads and the legacy of the French colonists.

Many architectural sights of Morocco, entire blocks of ancient cities of the country are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. A variety of tourism destinations are developed here: from beach vacations on the coasts of Agadir, Tangier and Casablanca to hiking in the Atlas Mountains. Also, many travelers are attracted by the fortresses, mosques, palaces and museums of Fez, Marrakesh and Rabat.


  1. Immerse yourself in an oriental tale in the Medina of Marrakech

Medina is the oldest part of the city, surrounded by a thousand-year-old fortress wall. In the labyrinths of narrow streets of the Medina, handicraft workshops and trading shops are hiding, and in the evenings there are musicians who delight passers-by with the melodious sounds of a rebab.

  1. See the “Blue Miracle” on the slopes of Er-Reef

One of the most beautiful cities in Morocco – Chefchaouen – is able to conquer any tourist at a glance. Almost all the walls of the city buildings are painted in shades of blue, which creates a bizarre play of light on narrow picturesque streets.

  1. Feel the desert breath

Grand Sahara is like another planet. Billions of tons of sand in millions of square kilometers of territory. A jeep ride deep into this harsh desert will be an unforgettable adventure for any person. During an exciting trip to the Sahara, tourists are waiting for incredible jumps in the sand dunes and a meeting with nomadic Berbers.

  1. Eat the Moroccan dishes

The spicy aromas of Arabic cuisine envelop and fascinate, like a dance of an oriental beauty. Couscous, harissa, tajine, soup with chickpeas, harirah – these are just a few examples of incredibly tasty and hearty dishes that are traditionally served on the table in Morocco. Separate mention is tea with Moroccan mint and coffee with sesame or pepper. Of sweets, you should pay attention to the gingerbread of bush carcasses and honey brushwood.

  1. Learn the art of trading

A lot of legends have been written about the ability of Arab traders to sell anything at the best price for themselves for centuries. In the colorful bazaars of Marrakesh, Rabat, Tangier, Casablanca and Agadir, you can compete with them in this skill. The markets of Morocco are a real treasury, where instead of gold coins and emeralds, rare spices, traditional ceramics, artfully woven carpets, antiques, oriental delicacies, jewelry and a thousand other useful things are stored.

Morocco is a sunny and colorful state with its own laws that have been established since ancient times. Fans of the east, beautiful mosques and endless sands should visit this country at least once in their life.

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