How to (not) behave at the humanitarian center queue for volunteer help?


As one of the volunteers at the Humanitarian Center, I would like to talk about the rules that guide people in the queue, the people we help.

  1. First, you don’t have to be grateful. For what? These are just vulgar volunteers who are used to helping everyone, poor and rich, ill-mannered and well-conducted people who shout that there is no soap with the smell of lavender and those who just want to eat for the first time in two days.
  2. Of course, you can shout, volunteers must be silent, and if they shout, they are immoral, evil and do not want to help.
  3. Volunteers can also be blamed for everything: the volunteer is guilty of not having diapers or soap, the village volunteer is also guilty that a truck from Europe did not arrive today, the volunteer is guilty of failing to distribute 100 packs of sugar to everyone equally when there are 200 people in line. If volunteers are offended, it is clearly the fault of the volunteer.
  4. You can also throw something at a volunteer, why not?
  5. In addition, the volunteer can be filmed as an animal at the zoo, because you think that the volunteer is unhappy and doesn’t want to help. Of course, a volunteer can’t get tired, can’t cry, can’t be upset, because she’s not here for that.
  6. How can you not understand that a volunteer is a person who has to give everything he or she has to other people, but if a volunteer has something – then he or she stole it in the humanitarian center! Therefore, volunteers can be treated like animals in a circus that don’t perform the tricks you wanted.
  7. In the queue for help, you can shout at each other and not respect anyone.
  8. Of course, you can tell everyone that this is the worst of the aid points you’ve been to.
  9. It is also possible to emphasize that you will never come here again to come tomorrow and quarrel again, throwing pens and food at volunteers, and despising the country for which you have probably done something very important, if you can do all this.

P.S. Based on real events. Please don’t take my words too seriously or as an offense. But some people do behave this way, it hurts a lot, it breaks my heart, I don’t want to help people anymore because of such people. They told me today, that they will fire me. They will fire a refugee volunteer who is not paid anything, who has not been hired by anyone, who is being helped just as little. Fire me! I no longer have the strength to be kind to people and help them. Who would help me now?

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