How to pass a job interview: 10 tips

At the interview, the main thing is to convincingly demonstrate your enthusiasm —
Joan Harris.

An interview is always exciting, especially if the position is really in demand and to your liking. But remember the main thing: the more you worry, the more likely it is that you will not show yourself properly, that is, 100% yourself at the interview. To successfully pass this stage, you do not have to prepare all day long, it is enough to follow simple but effective rules and then everything will work out for sure.

Learn more about the company

Collect all information about the company and the job before going to your interview. Make sure you can clearly answer the question: “Why do I want to work here?” To do this, read about the company on the official website, on social networks, look at the photo of the office, the pages of future colleagues. Fortunately, many companies are happy to share photos and various information on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Know your worth

Decide on the desired salary level – before the interview, so that during the interview you sound convincing and not mumble. Do not be afraid to discuss your salary with HR, even if you are being “forced” to pay less than what you are counting on.

Be yourself

The Eichar or leader wants to see a strong and confident candidate in front of him, so find a way to calm down before entering the meeting room.

Avoid negative associations

Do not under any circumstances say phrases, for example, “I could not find a job in this industry, so I …” or “I had a lot of options, but …”, “I had an opportunity, but …” Instead, focus on how you managed to acquire certain professional skills.

Observe the dress code

Dress appropriately for your interview. Find photos of company employees to use as a guide. If you cannot find information about the dress code of the company and you are in doubt, ask the recruiter or HR manager in advance.

Prepare your self-presentation

Remember, in a job interview, you are selling yourself as a professional. It is important to showcase your unique product offering: benefits, skills, experience.
In self-presentation, focus on major career transitions. In the case of a narrow specialization, show the dynamics of horizontal development – achievements and solved projects are important. If you received additional education – tell about it.

Prepare for frequently asked interview questions

Here is some of them: Why did you decide to come for an interview with our company? How will you be useful in this position? What skills and expertise do you differentiate from other candidates? What are your main achievements and why? What are your weak qualities? And many others. Also prepare a list of questions about the position and future responsibilities for your part.

Take care of your body language

We are talking about facial expressions, gestures, timbre of voice. It is better to sit in front of the interlocutor, face to face and take an open, positioning posture. Speak intelligibly and measuredly. If possible, adjust to the rhythm of the interlocutor. Please note that it is only possible to thoroughly control non-verbal behavior in a meeting with careful preparation. You need to know what to say and when.

Before the meeting, specify who will be interviewed.

This will help you address the person you are talking to by name. You can also clarify what dress code is adopted in the company.

Show your skills

You should not just mention your previous jobs in the interview. Be sure to tell us about what projects you have led, what you have managed to implement. At the same time, it is important to indicate what skills and qualities you used and showed during the work on the project: leadership, initiative, teamwork, etc.
It is important to understand that an interview is an acquaintance, that is, a dialogue. Communicate, be constructive, and point out professional uniqueness and value in the conversation. This will increase your chances of finding a job.

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