How to Plan Your Day


Find your favorite task scheduler

Many programs help to make a to-do list. In addition to keeping a to-do list for the day, week, month, a modern planner can also remind you of tasks that you have planned for a long time but do not have time to do. You need to be comfortable, nice, have all the necessary features that are important to you, and I wanted to go to this scheduler.

Start in the evening

It is better to make a to-do list the night before. It is worth taking the time to review what has already been accomplished and to understand what still needs to be done. You don’t have to make the evening list very detailed; you can only outline what you want to do: get a document, write an article. In the morning you can review it, specify and understand at what time you will do these things. Evening planning helps to save time in the morning and not forget something important.

Plan small things too

David Allen, the author of ‘How to Organize Things,’ suggests using the five-minute rule: if you can do something in five minutes, it’s better to just do it than write it down. But this does not always work: short tasks can take half a day, and in the end, it turns out that you did not have time to do much important things.

Don’t overload yourself with deadlines

Some people make long to-do lists for the day, including not only important meetings but also, for example, the need to read an article. If some of these cases are not done on time, there is a sense of guilt. But sometimes you have to admit that it is impossible to keep up and postpone some cases for later, warning others if necessary.

Summarize in a diary

It is a good habit to keep a diary of the day. This allows you to summarize and understand in which direction you are moving, whether you have lost focus. You can start a diary, make a checklist and note in it what you managed to do, or make a list of questions in advance.

Divide the task into parts

Some tasks seem so big that it is difficult to approach them. For example, preparing a presentation can take more than one day. The chances that the frightening task will be postponed are quite high.

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