How to prepare for the interview?

“Do not confuse interviews with confession.”
(Alla Pugacheva)

Every journalist, at least once in his life, thought about participating in an interview. Someone in the role of an interviewer, and someone as a guest. This journalistic genre is probably the most common and interesting, in my opinion. In fact, there are no restrictions. You can discuss either a specific actual topic or find out the facts from the life of a guest who has come to you. The situation itself is very disposed to itself and each viewer feels comfortable. No one “puts on masks” and does not try on various images. All participants behave naturally.

If you are participating in an interview as a guest, in my humble opinion, here are the best tips for you:

  1. Read in advance the work of the journalist who invited you. Look at his previous interviews to understand what kind of communication style he has, about what questions you may be asked. In this way, you will facilitate communication in the interview and will feel much more confident.
  2. Never stretch your answers. Try to give as clear and short answers as possible. But this does not mean that you should answer yes or no to all questions.
  3. If you are talking about some sensational situation or conflict, always give some evidence to your words. Otherwise, viewers will think that you are taking all the information from the sky or you are just trying to trick people.
  4. Talk as simple as possible. Try to refrain from using professional slang. And if necessary, always explain the meaning of words so that people understand you.
  5. Be emotional and focused. Decide on the appropriate way for the interview. Follow the order of questions to keep clear and concise answers to questions.

And now tips for the journalists. What tips might come in handy for conducting your first interview in your life? So:

  1. Try to find out if your guest gave someone an interview before you. Follow his speech, facial expressions, gestures.
  2. Before offering the guest the date and time of the interview, think a hundred times about what the topic of the interview will be and what questions you will have.
  3. Also familiarize yourself with the guest’s creativity. Show him that you are familiar with his work, with his skills. Thus, the guest will see that you are interested in him and the atmosphere will become friendly and comfortable at times.
  4. Listen carefully to your guest. Otherwise, if you listen to something else, look around the studio, and write down something too, like Julius Caesar, it will show your disrespect and disinterest in the person. Be positive and pass this energy to your guest.
  5. Do not be arrogant and try to avoid such situations when you see that the guest does not really want to discuss any topic or answer a specific question. Change the theme beautifully and continue your dialogue.

Well then, I hope my tips inspired you. Never be afraid to take part in such events. Both as an interviewer and as a guest. This is an exciting experience in your life. You will gain confidence, courage, and even popularity. Develop yourself, and you will become a great conversationalist!

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