Humanity Savior

(magic realism story)

This is Woodie, and he is a fanatical hermit lumberjack. One day he declared war to the forest and now the meaning of his life is to cut down all trees on the planet.

He is assisted in this mission by a reliable axe named Lucy, who also is his wife. She always encourages her husband, speaking to him in a gentle voice reminiscent of clarinet music. However, when he is in danger, Lucy is ready to smash everything in her path.

Woodie is opposed by ents, giant trees and forest defenders. But they don’t scare the experienced lumberjack. So, every morning he goes to war with beloved Lucy to finish up the fauna tyranny and allow honest artisans to do their job!

However, one day the giant trees get surprised! They noticed that Woodie cuts down just only rotten trees and their true enemies are …ents!

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