I am a surgeon

(ironic short story)

It is Mark’s first day as a surgical intern. Med school is in the past. Now he has the full right to call himself a surgeon. But the thing he anticipates the most is the promise of his chief to let him scrub in on an appendectomy. 

Scalpels, retractors, gowns, gloves – this is what an operating room is about. Everything is so new and shiny. Mark is on the ninth cloud. And here comes the chief. The patient is already sedated, waiting for the scalpel to cut through. “Shall we begin?” The chief hands the scalpel to Mark. He is ready. The first cut is the deepest. As soon as the scalpel touches the patient’s abdomen Mark faints… Is that even possible? He can’t be sick, no, no, no, not now.

Don’t worry guys, Mark is fine. He just has the haemophobia (a fear of blood). I think he should be transferred to dermatology.

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