This is my very good friend and, at the same time, an incredible poetess and an active figure in the literary life of the capital.

Try to describe yourself in one sentence. The size of the sentence is unlimited, as you feel.”

I am a creature that lives and its life is all about changing and transforming energies.

What are the themes of your works? Where do you get ideas from?”

Everything can become a topic for my work. I do not catch the ideas from any particular things. I can’t even say that there is one common topic or idea in there. My works are just things that reflect the world as I see it, maybe.

What are the features of your style?”

I think, what makes my works unique is the super ability of mine that I have defined for myself. It is its constant variability so that people always see me as a person that can suddenly create and make something unexpected. And I use it, ‘cause I just what I want to do here and now and try to listen to my inner voice as much as it is possible.

Do you publish your works?”

I publish my works in my Telegram channel, but I have not submitted to any magazines or so on. I think about creating some visual projects so my works will be used in there.

Do you take part in writing activities? Tell me a little about it and how you find it, or maybe it find you itself? ;)”

Speaking of events for writers, I appreciate them so much. So usually, I find it when my friends talk about them or I organize it by myself. But because of the pandemic it is time when nothing is really being organized, except the first coffee in Cupid every Saturday at 1pm. Yeah, it is an ad but let it be; anybody doesn’t pay me for it though. And I think all this event are needed ‘cause it is empowering, it makes us look from the other side on some things and it just a good kind party time with good people. Not always good, but most of all.

Did you have a moment when you couldn’t write, burned out? If so, how did you handle it?”

Yeah, I had some moments, when I was burned out completely and it happens sometimes. I do not know, how to manage it yet. Nothing can help except if I stop writing, try to keep silent and for some time just stay without any kind of such activity, you know. Anyways it comes back maybe in other shapes, with other looks, but it finds me and I write again.

Do you plan to publish in print, perhaps make your own collection?”

Now I think it is too early to think about a publishing my own book. Because there should be a lot of qualitative materials, so that it would really deserve to be published. It has to be kinda all-in-one. I do not want to make a poetic publishing, I would like to create something about visions, with visual things. I want to create something new and unique or at least unusual.

What are your creative plans for the future?”

I do not make any plans for future ‘cause I think that life has one very nice habit. It corrects every plan if I make it. So I just try to find the vector at least, to get to know where I go, what do I plan to do. It is time in my life now when I try everything and realize what I am really interested in, what I am passionate about and what will be disappearing from my life. These are my priorities. So this is why for me it is an interesting question too, “ Where will I be in two or three years?” That is “It” for now.

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