Ireland, Leprechauns, and Banshees. Unforgettable Journey

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Everyone in his or her life should have an unforgettable journey.

I would like to tell you about such a trip to Ireland, the land of magic leprechauns and banshees.

Ireland is an extremely exquisite and exciting country. This state in northwestern Europe covers 26 of 32 counties of the island of Ireland. The capital of Ireland is Dublin, the place where you can ‘Dublin’ your pints of Guinness at any pub (an old joke)!

It is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in Europe. This is a country with majestic history, bright culture, and beautiful nature. Despite its small size, Ireland offers travelers many amazing attractions: ancient castles, ancient monasteries shrouded in mystery and natural wonders. Undoubtedly, Ireland’s most popular landmark is Cliff Moger. Images of these majestic and incredibly beautiful rocks can often be found on postcards and guides to Ireland. According to Celtic mythology, the south of Cliff Mogher is the magical land of Tire on the Foot – the island of eternal youth and the place where the tribes of the goddess Dana live.

In the southwestern part of Ireland in County Kerry lies Killarney National Park, famous for its splendid and picturesque scenery. There is a gorgeous garden around the mansion, where you can walk or ride in an old carriage.

Glendalough is a valley in Wicklow County, in the east of Ireland. It is one of the most important monastic places in Ireland. In the 6th century, St. Kevin founded a settlement in the valley, which later became the so-called Monastery City.

One of the main attractions in the valley is a round tower about 30 meters high, built of slate, alternating with granite. The tower has six floors connected by a wooden staircase. The first four floors have one small window, while the upper floor is equipped with four windows facing the four corners of the world. The tower was used as a bell tower and sometimes served as a shelter and shelter during the attacks.

You see, Ireland is an incredibly interesting country! After the present-day lockdown, it is a good idea to see all its mysterious and magic sights with your own eyes!

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