Is cooking together a good family tradition?

Nowadays, most people prefer to do household chores, such as cooking and cleaning without any help. It helps them to focus on themselves, relax from annoying people or noise, and even helps to relieve stress. I am such a person, so a tradition of family cooking is not for me.

First, everyone in my family cooks differently – my mother does it quickly, but I like to enjoy the process of cooking, so I’m never in a hurry. That’s why we have a little tradition. We take turns preparing breakfasts, lunches, and dinners so that everyone is satisfied and no one disturbs anyone.

Another important point in our family is that it doesn`t matter who prepares food, how and from what he or she does it – the main thing is that it should be delicious. Frankly speaking, no one but my mom knows the basic ways of food cutting and preparation. Moreover, I am not a good cook, but I try to cook something as tasty as possible for my family foodies.

But on the other hand, there are some benefits of cooking together. For example, it helps to get closer, to talk about something important while you cook, to learn about each other’s tastes. This is good for those who like to spend quality time with their family.

To conclude, if you like to spend time alone then, it is better to cook alone and not spoil your nerves, but if you have the friendliest family in the world, then why not make cooking a family tradition.

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