It’s time to stay at home

Who would have thought that a pandemic virus would overtake our entire planet, its name is COVID-19, or else it is called a “coronavirus”. This is how the third week of quarantine continues, to which everyone has a different attitude. However, one thing is clear – the world is currently in a state of collapse. Borders are closed, most shops are closed, public transport does not work.

Just try to turn on any news channel – and soon you will hear exactly the word “coronavirus” because now they only talk about it. It would seem that everyone is so fixated on another virus, very similar to the flu, all because it has already spread to every country in all of Europe. The problem is that nowadays a lot of people go abroad, whether to work, travel and possibly to visit relatives, right now the countries are in close contact with each other.

In addition, people did not want to believe in reality, because only the overlapping of borders is worth it. Due to quarantine, the economy has collapsed, the majority is suffering, because there is no opportunity to work now, it has a strong impact on business and most other fields. However, we have to put up with this, because if we do not make sacrifices, then the coronavirus will conquer us, it is necessary to destroy this chain of mass infection.

Despite the complexity of the situation, it has its advantages. For example, I can spend more time with my family, do things I always put off, find new interests. Also, the state of the environment has improved slightly, people are learning to survive in new conditions.

It is important not to panic, but also to understand the gravity of the situation. So don’t quarantine your vacation and go to crowded places for walks or party with friends. It is so necessary because self-isolation is still the surest way to protect yourself and others from the disease. If there is an urgent need to go somewhere, such as a store, then all the rules must be followed so that the virus does not enter the body. These include wearing a mask and medical gloves, using a disinfectant, and avoiding close contact with people.

I try to use quarantine time to the best of my ability and to minimize contact with other people. The sooner we take it seriously, the sooner we will win this battle with COVID-19.

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