John Green ‘The fault in our stars’

Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”
John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

John Green, an American author of books for teens, released his most famous book in 2012 under the original title ‘The Fault in our Stars.’

I think the plot is not original. Hazel, a female patient with cancer, meets Augustus, a guy who, after fighting cancer, has no signs of it, but the consequences of the disease cannot be hidden. Augustus had to amputate part of his leg. Hazel became quiet, reserved and homely, she did not go to school and practically did not communicate with friends. She had come to terms with her illness and knew that she would die.

On the contrary, the guy had energy, communication and a desire to live. Of course, love, adventure and something tragic happened. I thought that the author would put pressure on pity and the book would show mental pain, in other words, I was sure that I would cry. But this did not happen at all. The author showed that people with cancer were primarily people, in this case, adolescents. With emotions, fears, joy. They did not need our pity, just only love and support.

This book describes in detail events, views on each other, chest and head aches. The author selects such words to convey the feelings of the heroes, to know their thoughts and pain. The facts of the disease are very well spelled out, very believable, which makes the book realistic. Various quotes have been added to the book.The story is complemented by an unexpected climax, which probably made the majority of the female community cry. What is most interesting, this story combines the minuses in its pros. It is neither bad nor good. It is vital, real.

Separately, I want to highlight the topic of parents. The book perfectly shows the emotions and actions of those close to the patient. What sacrifices parents make for their children, how frightening and painful it is for them to realize that you may come home from work in the evening, and the child is no longer there. These are incredibly strong people. The ending surprised me; I did not expect this at all. And yet this is a book about love and adolescents, so I can’t recommend it to those who seek seriousness in literature. But this story took a place in my heart. The book is good and if I ever had to reread it, I am sure that I did it with great pleasure.

As a result, I can give this book a rating of 9/10.

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