Killing July or How I survived in Africa! No in Kyslytsia!

(Life story with litotes and hyperboles)

It was the middle of the over-bloody-hot July in 2009. Grandma said it was the hottest summer of her life. Even birds wondered, ‘‘Where can we fly to cold lands? Hmm… Maybe Africa?”

I came out of the chicken coop with a couple of eggs in my hands. Jack, our formidable palm-like dog, rushed towards me, seeing a butterfly flying right to my knee. The dog stopped for a second and jumped at me in slow motion. The eggs fell to the ground like raindrops and immediately turned into an omelet.

Disappointed, I got up and wandered into the house. It could not go on like this. It was almost evening, so the neighbors’ children began to go outside to play their games. An idea flashed through my head. The fridge looked at me curiously with its yellow eye.

Children played hide-and-seek. Unexpectedly a micro snowball hit someone’s back. Everyone froze in amazement. I came out of the bushes like a dwarf Superman. Red towel clung to my back. The game has begun.

Have you ever played snowballs in the summer? This is fantastically cool! The snow from the fridge melted in the air and looked like fairy dust. If adults saw us, they would call an ambulance.

Tired but not sweaty, everyone left late in the evening to surprise their mothers. “How could you get sick?” they asked, but the children did not unveil the mystery.

It was a killing July…

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