One sunny day a couple of happy old people decided to bake something tasty. Granny spent the whole day, seeking flour and trying so hard to create this cooking Magnum Opus.

She carefully landed a piece of bread on the table and took out her knife to slice Kolobok, but he had another point of view on this situation…

In a blink of an eye, his yellow round-shaped body became red and sharp. Angry mouth of this creature was filled with scary teeth and tried to bite its creator. Fortunately, the granny managed to dodge this attack and closed herself in the bookshelf. Frustrated by this failure, Kolobok quickly left the building.

On the further way he met different wild animals: a rabbit and a boar, a wolf and even a bear. What was the result? They all were gobbled by this diabolical and beastly dough ball. The whole forest got united against this atrocious and unstoppable abnormality but each animal shared this horrible fate. Kolobok was quickly renamed as Killobok! While seeing him, animals rushed away in horror!

But once, this brutal ball of bread met a fabulously frolicking fox. She was so young and beautiful that Kolobok instantly fell in love with her and started speaking to her. This fox was smart and sly. She said, that she would go for a walk with Kolobok if he spat out all eaten animals. The ‘rolling stomach’ was disarmed by the beauty of this fox and immediately agreed on the deal. That was his last mistake.

The beastly ball blew off. Animals enjoyed their freedom and shared their thanks with the wise fox. Killobok was sentenced to death through melting into the apple pie in granny`s oven. And then, they all lived happily ever after.

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