(Magic Realism story)

William didn’t always understand what it meant to be on guard. But one day he felt it on his own skin. Together with his beloved Carolyn, the cheery man went on a picnic. The weather was wonderful: the spring sunlight caressed the girl’s soft curls, and the birds had taken up their work – ringing sounds flew around, the smell of flowers and, in a sense, the spirit of love.

It wasn’t always possible for this couple to get together in this fickle weather, so it was a wonderful, heavenly day for the lovers. William pulled out a plaid and laid it on the green grass, and in turn Carolyn pulled fruit from a wicker basket, delicious cheese with tiny holes, as if mice had done their work, and red wine that was pouring in the sun.

The couple set a romantic meal and a romantic aura enveloping them and all surrounding nature. William sat closer to his sweetheart; he leaned in and kissed her. It was just the great first kiss; Carolyn blushed and embraced her honey bear.

Suddenly, at one moment the beloved people heard a rustling noise. Could there be someone else in such a quiet place? Carolyn screamed. She saw a clown in bloody clothes. The circus performer stepped closer; his masked face covered his sarcastic mouth. There was an impression that someone had put a bullet right in the performer’s face. The man, or should I say creature, took out the balloons and began to entertain the girl. William got up and began to threaten the creature, and the circus performer, in turn, pulled out his knife-hands and killed the guy with a smile. The shocked girl rushed away as a frightened female deer from a wicked wolf…As for the clown, he just dispersed into thin air, laughing around like a mad mobster…

From then on, Carolyn was thought to be sick in the head, no one believed her story, all people said that it was Carolyn who committed this murder. But the young woman realized that the world was not so rosy, there were gloomy ghosts, unmerciful murderers, eerie and evil spirits.

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