Now is the time of spring, sun, warmth and cozy home atmosphere.
And this time can be used to:

  • learn how to make fragrant coffee yourself by grinding it at home;
  • remember funny stories with friends, returning to phone conversations again;
  • prepare delicious meals for the whole family and gather at the dinner table;
  • apply technology and video chat with loved ones who are far away;
  • relax being alone with your favorite movies;
  • read books that you have long wanted to read;
  • care for flowers on the windowsill;
  • take free online courses and do your own education;
  • become closer to your family;
  • understand that this spring is a time for self-improvement.

In the meantime, we stay home – the big city is blooming, and it will greet us with fresh greenery and flowers.

And a few tips on how to stay at home during a pandemic:

In a lockdown situation, even at home, one must remain extremely cautious and observe simple safety and hygiene rules.

Based on the recommendations of the UK National Health Service, Greater Kyiv tells you how to stay home during a pandemic.

Try to stay at least three steps away from other people in your home, especially older people.

If possible, ask your friends, family or delivery service for the things you need, but avoid contacting them.

Sleep alone if possible.

Wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.

Drink plenty of water and take medications such as paracetamol to help you cope with the symptoms if you have them.

Do not accept guests. Please leave the delivery behind the door.

Do not leave the house, do not walk or walk to places of accumulation of people.

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