Loneliness or Diagnosis?

(Blog Post)

How old are you? And do you have your couple? A lot of people, probably not. But, why at this time it’s a big problem?

I’m 20 and single. Maybe a few years ago I would say ‘Okay.’ But I understand there are many people in middle age who don’t have a couple. Many of my peers do not have a partner and even people over 30. After talking to my parents and grandmother, I learned that they used to find life partners and get married very quickly. This has never been a problem. And even my grandmother gave birth to my mother at 21. And I’m still 20 and I’m even afraid to think about marriage. So I single out a few points for myself why this is the situation now:

  • A variety of social networks that take up our time to communicate with friends. Especially to meet new people.
  • Changing youth priorities. People in the past always put family on the first.
  • Career. Have you noticed how difficult it is now to achieve any career success? And in general, how important it has become for people now. Even I think about my future work every day.

Of course, people should not put a cross on themselves. Loneliness is not a diagnosis. This is the effect of our present life. And everyone can overcome this effect if they change these points.

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