Magic Jeju Island (Korea Strait)

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The largest island in South Korea is Jeju Island. It is the place where you long for having your weekend. There is unearthly beauty of golden sand beaches. Set out on an adventure that you will remember for a lifetime. How to get to the island? The international airport is located near the capital of the island, the city of Jeju. Korean Air or Asiana Air flights from Seoul reach here in just 30-40 minutes.

Where to stay overnight? Twins Hotel has the cheapest rates on the whole island, and you will enjoy the comfort of this place. But do not forget that you did not fly to the island to sit in a hotel. So let’s go to see what you can do here!

Twins Hotel

For example, you checked into a hotel and then you wanted to taste the local cuisine. I advise you to visit one wonderful and well-seasoned place. In Jeju Kim Manbok you will try incredible seafood. This place is not so far from the hotel, which I wrote about above. There is a great view of the sea; the girls will definitely start snapping cool photos. If you are a fan of European dishes, no problem. You will get a smorgasbord of splendid and specific ones. So specify how much seasoning you put in your dish.

Shopping in Jeju. You will definitely not leave this heavenly place without going shopping for souvenirs. Local natural resources are able to make various decorations from nature. Wooden toys, striking sushi sticks, incense holders. Girls will hilariously plunge into local shops with various oils and body soaps, and men will be interested in looking at exotic metal souvenirs. Here you can also buy choicest chocolate and assorted atypical and original fruits. Just make sure they are on the list of acceptable fruits at the airport.

Things to Do in Jeju. Personally, I would recommend you to visit the largest aquarium in South Korea, aptly named Aqua Planet. It is so lovely! Here you can see the most magnificent marine inhabitants.

Also, do not forget that the island has a lot of museums and parks. There are also places of mixing created by nature. One of the most beautiful places is the Hallasan Volcano, which is worth visiting and exploring with a backpack behind your back. The feelings are just impossible to describe. Ouch!

Jeju is waiting for you, saying 웰컴! You are welcome!

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